About Us

Want to know a little more about the team, history and how we became
HD Dream Trips in Moraira Costa Blanca.. Keep reading.

We, a small group of bikers, different ages, diverse professional groups and from different regions of Germany joined together 15 years ago for a small biker trip and tried to spend a classic biker weekend, with all that belongs to it. As can be imagined, the first trip after week-long planning of the route, destinations and sleeping accommodations, daily mileage, tank stops etc. did not go quite smoothly.

What we noticed quickly in the tour is that the entire plan of the trip with all our elaborated content was completely different in reality. Neither the departure time, the safe baggage storage, the planned tank stops and a lot more didn't go to plan ... we did not even arrive at the planned destinations. So the entire planning was there and there had to be a new, short-term route.

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Costa Blanca

Our seat on the Spanish Costa Blanca, in Moraira / Alicante, with 300 days of sunshine and 15 days of rain a year has encouraged us to take this step and share the experience on Spanish, breathtaking highways with you. See you soon…

Years Later

After some adventurous excursions, we found the best way to plan a great and unforgettable Harley Davidson trip. Today, 15 years later and after almost 70,000 kilometers of coverage through Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Denmark and Sweden, we have decided to found HD Dream Trips and share our experiences.